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Event Purpose

Corridor is a passageway that surrounds buildings or courtyards of shrines or temples.
Corridor is written “廻”in Japanese and it means “to go around”, which exactly expresses what a corridor is.
“Happiness (Shiawase) expresses bringing the wrinkled (shiwa) hands together(awase).
Ancient Japanese people brought their hands together toward objects that they respect.
People in Nara close their eyes, bow, and bring their hands together in their ordinary lives and this has not been changed since ancients.
Ruri (azure) came to Japan through the Silk Road and has been regarded as a valuable ore and a sacred color. People in Nara have been attracted to this deep blue of Ruri since the ancient times.
“Happiness Corridor NaraRurie” takes you a beautiful world of Ruri by lighting up the corridors that connects Nara’s representative sacred sites: Kasugataisha-shrine, Kohfukuji-temple, and Todaiji-temple.

We hope you can clear your mind at prayer at NaraRurie and this can bring you happiness. We also hope for the world peace and the eternal brightness of the stars.

Visitors at NaraRurie will be surrounded by warm beautiful lights.

Happiness Corridor NaraRurie

Office: Nara Prefecture Nara Park Sarusawaike Information Desk
Address: 49 Noborioji-cho, Nara City, Nara, 630-8213 Japan