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Nara National Museum 奈良国立博物館

Special Admission at Night: Nara National Museum

【Date】 February 8 (Sat) to February 14 (Fri), 2020 (open every day during Nara Rurie lighting-up event)
【Last entry】19:30
【Close at】20:00
1. Feature Exhibition: “Treasures of Omizutori Ritual at Todaiji Temple”
2. Permanent Collection: “Masterpieces of Buddhist Sculpture” “Ancient Chinese Bronze”
3. Special Exhibition: “Bishamonten, Guardian of the North”
【Admission Fee】520 yen (adult) for 1. & 2.
1500 yen (adult) for 3. (including 1. & 2.)
※ Opening time for the Special Exhibition “Bishamonten, Guardian of the North” differs as shown below.
February 9 (Sun), 11 (Tue), 12 (Wed), 13 (Thu): Last entry 16:30, Close at 17:00
February 8 (Sat), 14 (Fri): Last entry 18:30, Close at 19:00
February 10 (Mon): only the Special Exhibition is closed while the museum is open.


奈良国立博物館 夜間特別開館

Special Lighting Presentation(Free)

[Date] February 8 (Sat) to February 14 (Fri), 2020
●West side of the Nara Buddhist Sculpture Hall at Nara National Museum

Access(Google Maps)

Nara National Museum https://goo.gl/maps/ELASTdavL2M2

Office: Nara Prefecture Nara Park Sarusawaike Information Desk
Address: 49 Noborioji-cho, Nara City, Nara, 630-8213 Japan