Event Name Feb.8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Opening Ceremony
Kasugataisha Shrine / Kofukuji Temple / Todaiji Temple special admission at night
Nara National Museum
Winter Tanabata Road
Garden Illumination
Lighting Yokagura

Special Lighting Presentation
Rurie Market
“A cup of Happiness” Hot chocolate
Nara Park’s birthday fireworks and live performances
ROKU × Nara Rurie

Opening Ceremony

The first 100 participants who join the opening ceremony will receive “a cup of Happiness” hot chocolate and a Tanzaku (a strip of flower-shaped paper) for Winter Tanabata Milky Way for free. (The giveaways start from 16:45 and end when the participants reach 100).


[Date] February 8 (Sat), 2020
[Time] 17:40 to 18:00
[Place] Nara Kasugano International Forum IRAKA

Special Addmission at Night: Kasugataisha Shrine, Kohfukuji Temple, and Todaiji Temple are open for extended hours during Nara Rurie (Admission fee will be required for entering some area)

[Date] February 8 (Sat) to February 14 (Fri), 2020
[Time & Place]

◎Kasugataisha Shrine

● Main Sanctuary of Kasugataisha Shrine, Special Admission at Night
Close at 20:30
Admission Fee: 500 yen
● Lighting-up of Lanterns
Lanterns that adorn the shrine’s inner corridors as well as the main approach to the shrine are lit up.
Admission Fee: Free for viewing from outside
※ Admission fee is required to see the shrine’s inner corridors from inside.
● Kasugataisha Museum, Special Admission at Night
Date: February 8 (Sat) to February 14 (Fri), 2020
Last entry 18:30
Close at 19:00
Admission Fee: 1,000 yen (adult)
Special Exhibition: “The world of the oldest Japanese sword with yasutsuna and kohoki”
The hidden national treasure “Long sword (Tachi) (Meibutsu: Doujigiri Yasutusna)”: one of Tenka-Goken five celebrated swords, and many other treasure swords are exhibited at the special exhibition!

◎Koufukuji Temple

● Eastern Golden Hall and National Treasure Hall, Special Admission at Night
Last entry 19:45
Close at 20:00
Admission Fee: Eastern Golden Hall 300 yen (adult)
National Treasure Hall 700 yen (adult)
(Combination tickets available)
● Lighting-up of Five-Storied Pagoda at Kohfukuji Temple
End at 20:30
Admission Fee: Free

◎Todajiji Temple

● Lighting-up at Daibutsuden Hall Chumon (Center Gate) area
End at 20:30
Admission: Free for viewing from outside of Daibutusden Chumon (Center Gate)
Daibutsuden Chumon and the octagonal lantern on the passage to the Daibutsuden are lit up. The front window of Daibutsuden will be open, and visitors can see Buddha’s face through it.
● Lighting-up of Nandaimon (Great South Gate) and the Big Roof of Daibutsuden Hall
End at 20:30
● Lighting-up of Kongo Rikishi guardians at Nadaimon
End at 21:00
Admission Fee: Free

Kasugataisha Shrine special admission at night 春日大社夜間特別拝観 Kofukuji Temple special admission at night 興福寺 夜間特別拝観  Todaiji Temple special admission at night 東大寺 夜間特別拝観

Special Admission at Night: Nara National Museum (Admission fee is required)

Date: February 8 (Sat) to February 14 (Fri), 2020
(open every day during Nara Rurie lighting-up event)
Last entry 19:30
Close at 20:00
1. Feature Exhibition: “Treasures of Omizutori Ritual at Todaiji Temple”
2. Permanent Collection: “Masterpieces of Buddhist Sculpture” “Ancient Chinese Bronze”
3. Special Exhibition: “Bishamonten, Guardian of the North”
Admission Fee: 520 yen (adult) for 1. & 2.
1500 yen (adult) for 3. (including 1. & 2.)
※ Opening time for the Special Exhibition “Bishamonten, Guardian of the North” differs as shown below.
February 9 (Sun), 11 (Tue), 12 (Wed), 13 (Thu): Last entry 16:30, Close at 17:00
February 8 (Sat), 14 (Fri): Last entry 18:30, Close at 19:00
February 10 (Mon): only the Special Exhibition is closed while the museum is open.

Tanzaku paper flowers for Winter Tanabata Milky Way

You can purchase a Tanzaku (a strip of flower-shaped paper), write your wishes on it and hang it on the Wish Trees which will be set at the end of Winter Tanabata Milky Way in the Garden Illumination of Nara Kasugano International Forum IRAKA.
[Date] February 8 (Sat) to February 14 (Fri), 2020
[Time] 18:00 to 20:45 (Tanzaku sales start from 17:45)
[Place] Nara Kasugano International Forum IRAKA
[Price] 500 yen for a Tanzaku paper flower
Flower Tanzaku to Winter Tanabata Road 冬七夕ロード願いの花たんざく

Garden Illumination

Blanketed with myriad of illumination, the Garden is transformed to a fantastic and mysterious space.
[Date] February 8 (Sat) to February 14 (Fri), 2020
[Time] 18:00 to 20:45
[Place] Nara Kasugano International Forum IRAKA

Lighting Yokagura (Free)

Yokagura is a sacred Shinto dance with music performed at night.
[Date] February 8 (Sat) to February 14 (Fri), 2020
[Time] 19:00 to 20:00
[Place] Haraedo Shrine in Kasugataisha Shrine grounds (Chakutoden Hall in case it rains)
[Cast] Kango Shrine Karasonoko (Mr. Tamanosuke Horaiya, Momonomata Shishimai Preservation Association, and Hata Shishimaiko)

Art projection


●Kango Jinja Shrine Karasonoko(漢國神社韓園講)

Karasonoko performance can be classified roughly into seven sections including Rich harvest, Family Prosperity, Success in business, Clown, Purification and a Resting program to mark the end, and the total number of programs exceeds ten. Some of them have authentically inherited the Shishimai (Lion dance), which has become unsustainable due to the depopulation.

Mr. Tamanosuke Houraiya(豊来家 玉之助)

He is a Japanese street performer/artist performing throughout Japan. He has pursued the real movements of Shishimai (Lion Dance) by studying and practicing the classic Japanese physical expressions. He also appears on media as a FM radio DJ.

Lighting Yokagura

●Momonomata Shishimai Preservation Association(桃俣獅子舞保存会)
Shishimai is a traditional dance which performers mimic lion’s movements in a lion costume. Momonomata Shishimai has been handed down from ancient times, particularly in Mitsue Village, Nara Prefecture.
Momonomata Shishimai is performed locally at Autumn Festival in October every year and offered to the deities of the Shrine to show appreciation for the annual harvest. The ritual has been valued by local people to this day.
Although Momonomata is becoming a depopulated village with most inhabitants being senior citizens, many people have assisted in preserving the local precious performances like Momonomata Shishimai. They continue to perform to gain understandings and supports from as many people as possible.

Lighting Yokagura

●Hata Shishimaiko (八多獅子舞講)
Hata Shishimaiko was originally established to build up one’s body to perform Shishimai (Lion dance). Shishi is believed to bite off evil spirits and bring good fortunes. They perform Shishimai dance and Kagura-kyokugei (Japanese acrobats, music, and dances) with musical instruments (flutes, drums and more) at various schools, facilities, and ceremonies.

Special Lighting Presentation(Free)

[Date] February 8 (Sat) to February 14 (Fri), 2020
●Main approach to Kasugataisha Shrine
●Eastern Golden Hall at Kohfukuji Temple (Bamboo lighting)
●Approach (inner corridors) to Daibutsuden Hall at Todaiji Temple
●West side of the Nara Buddhist Sculpture Hall at Nara National Museum
●Ukigumo-enchi area along Yoshikigawa river

Rurie Market

Stalls will be set up selling hot food and drink.
[Date] February 8 (Sat) to February 14 (Fri), 2020
[Time] 17:30 to 20:30
[Place] In the stone-paved front garden at Nara Kasugano International Forum IRAKA

Valentine Market

“A cup of Happiness” Hot chocolate

You can purchase a hot chocolate with Yoshino Kuzu starch which produced by Kurokawa-honke, founded in 1615.
[Date] February 8 (Sat) to February 14 (Fri), 2020
[Time] 17:30 to 20:30
[Place] In the stone-paved front garden at Nara Kasugano International Forum IRAKA
[Price] 500 yen
Nararurie Official Boothしあわせココアの販売

Fireworks for Nara Park Anniversary (Free)

Fireworks event will be held to mark the 140th anniversary of Nara Park. Let’s celebrate it together! (It won’t be postponed even if it’s cancelled due to bad weather.)
[Date] February 14 (Fri), 2020
[Time] Countdown event 19:00
Fireworks 19:30 (for about 10 minutes)
[Place] Kasugano-enchi
Fireworks and Live Music for Nara Park’s Anniversary

ROKU × Nara Rurie

ROKU, a deer character born in Nara, and Nara Rurie are collaborating for a limited time only.
For the latest news about “ROKU × Nara Rurie”, check their SNS!
[Date] February 8 (Sat) to February 14 (Fri), 2020
[Time] 18:00 to 20:45
[Place] Nara Kasugano International Forum IRAKA
Winter Tanabata Milky Way

Office: Nara Prefecture Nara Park Sarusawaike Information Desk
Address: 49 Noborioji-cho, Nara City, Nara, 630-8213 Japan